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How to Make an Oatmeal Face Mask: Natural Recipes and Benefits

how to make a oatmeal face mask

Picture this: It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, you’re flipping through a magazine, and your face is in dire need of some TLC. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Not another DIY face mask.” But hold on to your hats because this isn’t just any face mask. It’s an oatmeal face mask! Yep, that’s right. The same stuff that keeps your heart healthy and tummy full is now about to bless your skin.

Oatmeal, as it turns out, is basically the Beyoncé of skincare ingredients. Not only does it moisturize and soothe, but it’s got antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are a lifesaver for irritated skin. And the best part? It’s probably chillin’ in your pantry right now.

So before you dive into this wholesome world of oatmeal skincare, let’s unpack why this breakfast staple should be your go-to for radiant skin. And hey, if you’re multitasking (like the efficient skincare guru you are) and have a pot of oatmeal boiling right now, take a moment to appreciate that steamy bowl of skin benefits. Just remember: save some for your face!

Choosing the Right Type of Oatmeal for Your Face Mask

Alright, before you dash to your kitchen and dump just any oatmeal on your face, pump the brakes! Not all oatmeal types are created equal, especially when we’re talking about how to make an oatmeal face mask. It’s like trying to choose a Netflix show; they’re all entertaining, but only some will give you that perfect binge-worthy satisfaction.

First off, the instant oatmeal packs that taste like unicorn dreams and childhood nostalgia? Might not be the best choice for your face. Why? They often contain sugars, flavorings, and additives. Your taste buds might be cheering, but your pores? Not so much.

What you want to reach for is raw, whole oatmeal, also known as rolled oats. These bad boys are the real MVPs when it comes to skincare. They’re untouched, unflavored, and have all the goodness you want to slather on your face.

Steel-cut oats, those chewy little wonders, are another option. They’re less processed than rolled oats, which means they’ve retained more of their natural oils and nutrients. However, they might be a bit chunky for a face mask unless you’re going for that avant-garde, textural look. A quick spin in a blender should do the trick if you’re committed to the steel-cut path.

Now, what if you’re feeling a bit fancy and want to kick things up a notch? Ever heard of colloidal oatmeal? No, it’s not a fancy dish from a high-end restaurant. It’s oatmeal that’s been finely ground into a powder, perfect for those who want a smoother mask. Plus, it’s known for its extra-soothing properties, making it a top choice for those with sensitive or irritated skin.

Okay, but what about the organic versus non-organic debate? If you’re all about that organic life and have a couple of extra bucks to spare, by all means, go organic! It ensures that your oats haven’t been treated with any pesticides or chemicals. But if you’re on a budget, regular rolled oats will still do wonders for your skin.

In a nutshell (or should I say, in a grain?), making an oatmeal face mask isn’t just about slapping some breakfast food on your face and hoping for the best. It’s about choosing the right type of oatmeal that’ll make your skin sing. So, arm yourself with this oat-knowledge and go forth! Your radiant, oat-infused future awaits.

Simple DIY Oatmeal Face Mask Recipes for Various Skin Concerns

Alright, folks! We’ve chatted about the what and the why of oatmeal, and now it’s time for the juicy bit—the how. And by “how,” I mean how to make a killer oatmeal face mask. It’s DIY time! So, grab your aprons (or not, you rebel), and let’s get down to business.

1. The Classic Soothe-Your-Soul Oatmeal Mask:


  • 1/3 cup of rolled oats (or our fancy friend, colloidal oatmeal)
  • 1/2 cup of warm water


  1. Blend the oats until they’re powdered. Not going for perfection here, a bit of texture is alright.
  2. Mix in the warm water until you have a paste.
  3. Apply to your face. Take a moment to feel like a skincare superhero.
  4. Rinse after 10 minutes, and behold the glow!

2. Oatmeal & Honey, A Duo as Timeless as PB&J:


  • 1/4 cup of oats
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey (bonus points for local honey)


  1. Blend those oats!
  2. Mix in honey until smooth.
  3. Spread on face. Marvel at the stickiness.
  4. Rinse after 10-15 minutes. Bask in the softness.

3. The Zesty Morning Kickstart (Oatmeal & Lemon Juice):


  • 1/4 cup of oats
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice


  1. You guessed it, blend the oats.
  2. Add lemon juice. Enjoy the zesty aroma.
  3. Apply, chill, rinse.

So, whether you’re trying to calm a skin rebellion, seeking that elusive glow, or just want a moment of self-care, there’s an oatmeal mask recipe waiting for you. Dive into these oat-so-awesome recipes and discover the joys of DIY skincare. And while you’re at it, maybe, just maybe, snap a mask selfie and share the oat love! Just remember, it’s not about looking perfect—it’s about having fun and treating your skin right. Go forth and oat-on!

Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing and Applying Oatmeal Masks

Let’s play a game called “Turn My Kitchen Into a Spa”. And no, I don’t mean by flooding it. Instead, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of how to make an oatmeal face mask and applying it like the pros (or at least like enthusiastic amateurs). Trust me, after this, you’ll be the talk of the town—or at least the talk of your bathroom mirror.

Alright, let’s get started:

1. Picking Your Oats:

Remember that chat we had about different types of oatmeal? Here’s where it pays off. For our face mask adventure, rolled or colloidal oats are your BFFs. These guys are gentle on the skin, yet effective enough to make you wonder why you didn’t oat-me-up earlier.

2. The Blending Bonanza:

Throw those oats into a blender or food processor and pulse until they achieve a powdered consistency. If you’re thinking “this feels like making a smoothie”, you’re not wrong. Just don’t drink this one, okay?

3. Mix, Mix, Baby:

Depending on the recipe (and oh boy, do we have some gems coming up), you’ll be adding various ingredients to your powdered oats. Water, honey, lemon juice, unicorn tears… okay, maybe not the last one. Mix until you get a consistency that’s spreadable but won’t slide off your face like a clumsy penguin on ice.

4. The Grand Application:

Ensure your face is as clean as a whistle (how ARE whistles clean, anyway?). Apply the mask evenly, avoiding the eye and mouth area because, well, duh. Now, for the next 10-15 minutes, it’s YOU-time. Read a book, take selfies, contemplate the mysteries of the universe—or just chill. Your choice.

5. Rinse and Revel:

After your quality mask time, gently rinse it off with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a soft towel. Don’t rub; we’re going for pampered spa vibes, remember? Now, touch your face. Soft, right? Like the cheek of a cherub who’s never heard of skin problems.

And voila! You’ve just given your skin a treat, and probably had a little fun along the way. Every time you feel like your skin needs a pick-me-up, just remember the wonders of oatmeal and this step-by-step guide. And the best part? You didn’t even have to leave your kitchen. Who knew luxury could be so deliciously simple?


Incorporating Oatmeal Face Masks into Your Regular Skincare Routine

Alright, superstar! So you’ve whipped up an oatmeal face mask that would make even spa professionals green with envy. But, as with all great things, it’s not just about the creation but the consistent dedication. So, how do you make this oat-tastic concoction a staple in your skincare ritual? Buckle up; we’re about to get oat-ally serious about skincare!

Oat Frequency – How Often is Just Right?

Imagine if Batman showed up to save Gotham every day. He’d be exhausted, right? Similarly, too much of a good thing can be, well, not so good. Most skin types will lap up an oatmeal face mask 1-2 times a week. If you’re on the oilier side or battling acne, three times might be your magic number. But remember, always listen to your skin; it knows things.

Timing is Everything!

Ever tried to eat soup with a fork? Timing, my friends. For maximum benefits, apply your mask after cleansing and before toning. That way, your pores are all, “Hey, nourishment! Come on in!”

Post Mask Aftercare:

After basking in the oat-y glow, seal the deal with a moisturizer. Think of it as the high-five your skin deserves after the mask party.

Mix It Up:

Just like how you wouldn’t wear the same shirt every day (I hope), occasionally treat your skin to different mask ingredients. A sprinkle of turmeric here, a dash of honey there. Keep things exciting!

Shelf-Life Smart:

If you’ve gone a tad overboard and made enough mask to last a zombie apocalypse, remember that freshness is key. Natural ingredients don’t have the shelf life of Twinkies. Store leftovers in a cool place and use them within a week.

There you have it! A roadmap to making oatmeal face masks a regular thing. Before you know it, you’ll be the official oat ambassador among your friends, spreading the gospel of how to make a oatmeal face mask and weave it seamlessly into daily life. Skincare is a journey, and every mask is a pit stop to fabulousness. Happy masking!